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Heroes of the Storm: Toys, toys, toys!

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    Heroes of the Storm: Toys, toys, toys!

    Heroes of the Storm
    Heroes of the Storm: Toys, toys, toys!

    Am 03.12.2018 veröffentlicht
    Toys, toys, toys! Posable, plush, plastic, and playful pals are storming the Nexus in our next major patch.
    Despite our busy schedule of stuffing the Holiday Loot Chests with tons of new and old holiday-themed items
    for you to unbox, we’ll also be introducing you to major gameplay updates for Stitches and Sylvanas.
    In addition, we’re adding new toy-themed skins, mounts, portraits, and sprays for some of your favorite Heroes
    and unlocking exclusive loot for you to unlock through our epic Toys event quest.
    Keep an eye on the Collection screen to check Cuddlebear Stitches, Dehakasaurus Rex, Cosmic Force Valeera,
    and much more off your wish list. Happy holidays and we’ll see you in the Nexus!
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