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Distant Worlds 2

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    Distant Worlds 2

    DISTANT WORLDS 2 | MASSIVE NEW Sci-Fi Space 4x Gameplay & Details - Strategy Game 2021

    Distant Worlds 2 is an absolutely massive sci-fi 4x game set to release in 2021,
    and today we're taking a look at some early gameplay footage to highlight some key mechanics and systems
    while discussing possible ways it can all come together.
    The sense of scale in this space sci-fi 4x strategy game has to be seen to be believed - from up to 2,000 star systems
    to 10s of thousands of celestial bodies within them, to the great variety of resources, to the mixed economy system
    to the massive sprawling space battles where you pit custom-designed ships against each other,
    Distant Worlds 2 is setting itself apart from other strategy games in 2021.

    Going toe to toe with the likes of Stellaris (the easiest point of comparison), Sins of a Solar Empire, Endless Space, and more,
    the developers are up to something very special here, and this is definitely an exciting strategy game to keep your eyes on.

    00:00​ - Intro
    00:47​ - A Ridiculous Scale - 2k stars, 10k+ Bodies, Insane Level of Detail
    04:31​ - Faction Customization - Races/Species, Government Types & More
    07:23​ - In-depth Colony Management - From Tax Rates to Slave Labour
    11:28​ - The Unpredictable Science - A Huge, Unknown Tech Tree
    15:47​ - A Unique Economy - Resource Variety, Private and Public Sectors
    20:50​ - Ship Design - Customize Everything
    24:03​ - Sprawling Space Battles - Real Time Space Combat
    29:05​ - Upcoming Plans - Mods, DLC, and More
    30:37​ - Outro
    "Ich kann freilich nicht sagen, ob es besser wird, wenn es anders wird, aber soviel kann ich sagen: Es muß anders werden, wenn es gut werden soll."
    Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 - 1799)

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