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DIY Demon Skull Mask Tutorial (KamuiCosplay)

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    DIY Demon Skull Mask Tutorial (KamuiCosplay)

    DIY Demon Skull Mask Tutorial

    Check out the DREMEL cosplay page:
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    EVA foam and foam clay are super fun to work with!
    In this video, I show you how to create an awesome Demon Mask using both materials
    and also how to add a convincing bone texture with the Dremel.
    I guide you step by step through the pattern making, crafting the base, show you how to sculpt foam clay,
    sand in a cool texture and finally apply a stunning paint job!
    It's really a super fun project, can be done in a couple of days and is even customizable
    by simply using a different horn style!

    - Svetlana
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