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Cat (Summoner/Defcaster/Zaubermaeuschen)

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    [Person] Cat (Summoner/Defcaster/Zaubermaeuschen)

    Sex female
    Age 16
    Eyes pale ice-blue
    Hair pale golden
    Height 160
    Weight 45 kg
    Skin alabaster
    Name Caitriona NicRaith
    Street Name Cat

    For an elfish creature she is quite short. Her eyes are shaped cat-like and even for ice-blue eyes they seem rather pale. Her long-curled, pale golden hair reaches down to her hips. However, sometimes she dyes it black and straightens it.
    Even though her features are those of a young girl and her body seems rather fragile, she shows ample female features.
    Mostly dressed in dark colors, not necessarily black, she prefers dresses and skirts over trousers.
    She likes hoods as fashion accessoires.
    Her preferred fashion style range is emphasized on elegant, gothic-punk, bubblegoth and gothic.

    As a purebred elf she lived with her parents in Tir Tairngire, where she was brought up as an awakened magician from the early age of 6, far from puberty, due to the fact that she was constantly surrounded and confronted with her parents' magic, until a run went bad and cost her parents' lives. She was taken in by a seemingly slow-witted and sweet-tempered troll shaman, an old friend of her parents, commonly known as Honey for her affinity regarding bees and honey. This bear-shaman, specializing in healing magic, saw to Cat's education and upbringing, until it became apparent that Cat's affinity to the chaos tradition created a rather grave contrast to most others in her surrounding, which is why she left to look who and what is was her parents were dealing with.
    At Honey's she managed to get hold of a certain address of a dwarfish healer named Cara.

    The chaos tradition knows several subgroups, like for example the discordians. Cat follows a very particular tradition within the chaos traditions, herself. Hekatesians see the point of utmost chaos and therefore the weakest point of being right at the border between life and death and fashioned their magic to that believe. Hekate, being an underworld-goddess, is a goddess of the three ways, of magic and holds the key to the underworld which is why hekatesians believe that their conjurations are summoned from the realm of the dead. Rather than summoning spirits of the four elements hekatesians call forth other, ghastly beings. Being so close to the brink of natural equilibrium they have a high risk of turning toxic.

    • Honey (trollish bearshaman - healer - Salem)
      Honey is a very mild-tempered troll. She has a heart almost as big as herself and this motherly being is big! However, some would retreat to use chubby as a describing attribute. She is Cat's godmother and became her guardian when Cat was about 11 years of age. Being specialized in healing magic and apiculture, thus her street name Honey, nobody would think that Honey could be battle seasoned. Then again, people should think twice before messing with her. Not only does she benefit from well cultured contacts all around the world, some say even Lofwyr, but there is nobody who could tell the tale of having ever seen her angry. Nobody! Mostly she carries a staff which she uses as an oversized cane but man, this thing sparkles. The name of the staff is the sperethiel word for 'whisper' but some people, like Cara, call it the Earthshaker.
    • Cara (dwarfish shaman - healer - Seattle)
      Cara was one of the first persons who met a freshly from germany immigrated Honey in the good old days. She grew used to Honey's rather naive behavior and is one of the few people who saw 'Whisper' in action. As a dwarf through and through she values a good working morale and enthusiasm.
    • Mok (trollish adept-archer/squatter - roommate - Seattle - affiliation with Honey)
      Mok is, believe it or not, Honey's nephew. He is just as relaxed like aunty Honey and talks just as fast which makes a conversation between those two resembling a casual chat between Ents - seems to be a family trait. Mok and Cat met after both of them got a call from Honey just after Cat had arrived in Seattle. While Honey is chubby, Mok is anything but overweight but he is damn tall, even for a troll. His rejecting opinion regarding drugs and alcohol made it rather easy for Cat to like him. Little is known about how he came to his street name but his real name is Martin Kaltenberg. Needless to say that Honey will always know what Cat is up to for as long as Mok is close by. Moreover, there is one thing to be aware of in his surrounding: Never, ever badmouth aunty Honey!
    • Sjonn (Meraert ke'Tolo - Ex - Salem)
      When meeting Cat most people ask what she is doing in Seattle and why she left Tir Tairngire. Looking for an answer to the question what happened to her parents is most certainly on the top of the list but here is the real reason. Sjonn MacMoray, a young Meraert ke'Tolo or for common tongues, an elven paladin. The first question coming into somebody's mind when meeting him would be if this guy is for real. His smile is a combination of all tooth paste commercials of all times. He has a handsome face, youthful and yet masculine, shoulders as wide as a door and a waist to jump through a needle's eye and with something between 215 and 220 centimeters he is freakishly tall. Mister proto-elf looks more like a governmental research project gone terribly right. He crossed paths with Cat when she was only 15 years of age and he himself was about 6 years older. They had what could classify as a relationship but the day Cat graduated from college she used his key to surprise him just to be surprised herself by catching him cheating on her. During the resulting fight between Cat and Sjonn he found out that she went through his desk and learned what is called the forbidden arts since this group of spells is strictly prohibited in the Tir states and still she called forth a succubus, simply not giving a single crap about the fact that the male physiology is not exactly built for a squirting orgasm lasting 20 minutes. Sjonn tried to talk to Cat after that incident but she was long gone and a nice chat with Honey made it apparent to Sjonn that a woman left him, for the first time in his life, without giving him the chance to sweet-talk his way out of this situation, leaving both with the uncertainty how the other really feels.

    • Analytical Mind
    • Biology (Microbiology)
    • Conjuring
    • English
    • Interrogation
    • Japanese
    • Magic Traditions
    • Magical Theory
    • Magical Threats
    • Parazoology (Spirits)
    • Spellcasting
    • Sperethiel
    • Spirits

    • Physical: Her eyes turn empty and seem like the eyes of a corpse. Her face loses every expression and all life seems to disappear. Her body relaxes and seems calm, however if she moves while summoning her movements seem rigid and perverted.
    • Astral: The colors remain the same but they seem twisted and unnatural, just like her movements would.

    Name Elisabeth Youtah
    Age 20
    From Toronto (UCAS)
    Occupation Student
    (Cultural aspects of magical traditions in the Nihongo Protectorate)
    SIN Quality 3
    Name Selina Veilan
    Age 19
    From Eureka (FSC)
    Occupation Interpreter (English/Japanese/Sperethiel)
    SIN Quality 5
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    We all run for something. Run for God, for faith; for love, for hate; for gold, for rust; for diamonds and dirt.
    I am not curious, I just want to know everything.

    Folgend der Rueckkehr aus Japan nutzt Cat die ersten Tage um Geschaeftliches zu erledigen.
    • Begleichen von Schulden (SIN Qualitaet 5)
    • Bewerbungsunterlagen fuer ein mikrobiologisches Laboratorium in oder nahe Seattle erstellen

    Ungefaehr 5 Tage auf die Rueckkehr folgend wird sie 2 Wochen bei Honey in Tir Tairngire verbringen. Dort wird sie auch ueberredet umzuziehen.

    Nach ihrer Rueckkehr nach Seattle zieht Cat zu Mok in die Krypta in den Puyallup Barrens und versendet ihre Bewerbungen, nicht ausschliesslich aber auch an Laboratorien hinter denen bekannte (Konzern-)Namen stehen.
    We all run for something. Run for God, for faith; for love, for hate; for gold, for rust; for diamonds and dirt.
    I am not curious, I just want to know everything.


      Nachdem Cat ja am 24. Juni 2075 angeschossen wurde mußte sie ja in die Klinik,
      während der Rest der Truppe den Miami Urlaub antrat.

      Während ihres Aufenthaltes in besagtem Hospital erreichte sie dann ein Stellenangebot von
      Clark James Dafoe (34), CEO bei ZooGenomics einer Tochterfirma von Universal Omnitech,
      diesem hat die Gruppe ja in Tokio geholfen und auf Umwegen erreichte ihn die Bewerbung.

      Er machte ihr ein so unverschämt gutes Angebot, dass sie direkt ihre Taschen packte und dort ihren Dienst antrat
      (bis - so die Spielerin denn möchte - es sie wieder in die Schatten zieht).
      Da sie im Konzern an geheimen Projekten arbeitet, ist sie auch so abgeschirmt, dass sie für die Gruppe nicht mehr ohne weiteres erreichbar ist.
      "Ich kann freilich nicht sagen, ob es besser wird, wenn es anders wird, aber soviel kann ich sagen: Es muß anders werden, wenn es gut werden soll."
      Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 - 1799)

      Was nützt es, wenn wir mehrere Sprachen sprechen,
      solange wir nicht die Geduld aufbringen,
      einander zuzuhören...

      Art van Rheyn