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Fights With Vehicle Mechanics in WoW

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    Fights With Vehicle Mechanics in WoW

    Top 10 Fights With Vehicle Mechanics in WoW

    Today we are going to talk about vehicles,
    a mechanic explored in wrath of the lich king, although utilized a few other times in wow’s history.
    These things are a point of contention within the community, if they make endgame good or bad,
    although there is one fact. They do allow fights to be drastically different from any fight possible without vehicles,
    and because of this they usually make for quite unique fights.
    Being able to be a minor focus in fights, all the way t the entire fight themselves allows
    for so many uses, and so we are going to go over them.

    Video edited by Felplague
    Fels channel -

    --The List--
    Intro: (0:00)
    10- Amber Shaper : (0:20)
    9- Socrethar: (1:39)
    8- Professor Putricide: (3:01)
    7- Trial of champion : (4:13)
    6- Karazhan Chess Event: (5:24)
    5- Loot ship: (6:27)
    4- Malygos : (7:43)
    3- Oculus: (9:50)
    2- Grim Batol : (12:18)
    1- Flame Leviathan: (13:30)
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