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[Star Wars EotE] Questionable Salvage (Pryze Gaming)

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    [Spielrunde] [Star Wars EotE] Questionable Salvage (Pryze Gaming)

    Pryze Gaming
    Questionable Salvage

    Stephen Rubino (Patta) will be taking the GM reins.
    This is a brand new adventure that takes place after the conclusion of the Path of Discovery adventure.
    Many of our players will be rejoining for this adventure after sealing up the mysterious cave on Dantooine
    and flying back to the Skip One Shadowport in the Smuggler's Run sector in the Outer Rim to look for their next job.

    Please join us for this week's new adventure of Questionable Salvage.

    The previous adventure playlist: Star Wars EotE: Path of Discovery - Ep 07:
    If you are interested in watching this group's adventures from the beginning,
    they can be found on our Star Wars EotE Adventures' playlist:

    Character images were built in Hero Forge at
    Hero Forge is free to use including the color mode.
    More advanced features, such as creating tokens of characters without the background require a Subscription.
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