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[Star Wars FFG] Space Pirates (Pryze Gaming)

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    [Spielrunde] [Star Wars FFG] Space Pirates (Pryze Gaming)

    Pryze Gaming
    Space Pirates

    We start a new adventure with a mostly new crew.
    Our new adventurers have agreed to do a search and scavenge mission.
    Intel was provided to the party about a freighter ship that never made it to its destination.
    In exchange for locating the ship or what's left of it, and any survivors, the group of adventurers
    will be able to keep the ship as payment.

    Join us as our new crew embarks on their first mission together in this episode of Space Pirates.
    If you are interested in watching this group's adventures from the beginning,
    they can be found on our Star Wars EotE Adventures' playlist:

    "Ich kann freilich nicht sagen, ob es besser wird, wenn es anders wird, aber soviel kann ich sagen: Es muß anders werden, wenn es gut werden soll."
    Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 - 1799)

    Was nützt es, wenn wir mehrere Sprachen sprechen,
    solange wir nicht die Geduld aufbringen,
    einander zuzuhören...

    Art van Rheyn